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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Kendall Jenner Outshines Kim Kardashian at Met Gala!

Last night Kendall Jenner was both breath-taking and glamorous, in her custom, Top Shop gown. 
Ever since her Vogue debut this year, she is proving to the fashion world that she is always a step ahead of her famous older sister when it comes to fashion.  From her hair, down to her toes, she was styled to perfection. Perfectly, on theme with the "Charles James" Met exhibition, she looks like she could have come straight out of the pages of VOGUE. 
Either she is born with an incredible sense of style, or she is just extremely clever and listens to the right people. Which ever is the case, Kim Kardashian definitely could learn a thing or two from her younger sister. 

Kim Kardashian on the other hand, struggled with her Met Gala attire. She was spotted leaving Lanvin, with a side slit so high up, that her "unmentionables" were all on display. Double sided tape anyone?

To LANVIN's surprise, somehow between leaving their store and arriving at the Met, she edited her look. She opted out of her leather cuff bracelets and edgy matching belt, and switched up her shoes and belt for something a bit more "classic", however, it ended up altering the entire look in a boring way. The belt, cuffs, and shoes, all worked together harmoniously creating that signature LANVIN edge, and without it, the entire look landed rather flat.
Here is where I agree with her. She was definitely not dressed according to theme, and her look was a bit too rock & roll leaving LANVIN. However, changing it up on her car ride toward the event made the look neither elegant nor better. In fact it made the entire look undone, and rather amateur. 
Unfortunately, Kim has developed a bit of a habit of chopping up her Designer duds, or adding her own twist, but never does she quite hit the fashion mark. 

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