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Sunday, May 4, 2014

What to Expect from MET Gala 2014!

The wait is over, the annual Met Gala has arrived! 
At this very second the final touches are being placed, and thousands of worker's from security, florists, chefs, decorators are all scrambling around the Metroplitan Museum, orchestrating perfection for tomorrow nights Met Gala. 
The who's who of fashion, actors, rocktars and socialites will all gather once again for a night of fundraising, fashion and Art.It is widely regarded as one of the most exclusive social events in New York and one of the biggest fundraising nights of the city with a reported nine million dollars raised in 2013.

Here is your exclusive access pass on everything regarding "Met Gala 2014"

                                         The THEME

Theme: CHARLES JAMES Beyond Fashion

 Every year the Met Gala has a theme. This year Charles James has been chosen as the celebrated designer. You maybe asking yourself, Charles who? He is actually a quiet giant of fashion from the ‘30s to the ‘70s with the nickname the ‘Great American Couturier’. London-born designer, worked in Paris and finally settled in New York City where he dressed Millicent Rogers and Babe Paley. Christian Dior and Cristobal Balenciaga were amongst some of his admirers. Way ahead of his time, his designs were surprisingly  sculptural and architectural.

                                         The  DECOR
Grand Staircase:
Nothing screams "Grand Ball" quite like the entrance at the Met. The grand staircase is fit for a fairytale and nothing will be overlooked. Expect glamorous lighting, flowers, security, and herds of photographers.

FLowers, flowers, and more flowers!
Whether it be the Vienna Ball, or the Oscars, no Gala is complete without the extravagant usage of fresh flowers! This year will be no different. Expect elegant displays of old Hollywood floral creations!

Dinner: Expect romantic low candle lighting, and classic elegantly table decor that correspond with the old hollywood theme. 

                                 The DRESSCODE:

The dress code was announced over a year ago as white tie, and I am thrilled! A far cry from last years Punk Chaos theme, this is the year of breath taking beauty!  I've been excited about this celebration of old Hollywood Glamour all year, and in my head I imagine, "My Fair Lady" as the face of this year's event.  Elegant, glamorous, and regal, it is my hope all attendees will do this dress code justice.

However, not everyone is excited by this theme, and the men seem to be the most disappointed by these rather "restricted" dress code. Mark Jacobs recently expressed to Vogue,

"I mean it's not as exciting as wearing a lace dress and boxer shorts. But that was only for Miuccia Prada," Jacobs said, referring to the famous Comme des Garcons ensemble he wore to the 2012 bash when the dress code was "Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations".

When asked about what he plans to wear he stated it would be "much more straightforward".
"I think it will be black with white tie, as the dress code asks for. I'll be wearing Saint Laurent."
He stated to The Cut, that he will be escorting actress Jessica Lange tomorrow night.

                             The DESIGNER and the MUSE

The Met is unique in the sense that often times you see famous designers escorting their choice of actors, actresses, or entertainers. It is a night of true collaboration between the designer and their Muses, which they dress in head to toe galore. It is a true mixing of worlds, all in a combining effort for Art itself.

                                PRINCESS BALL GOWNS

What better event to dress like a princess? I don't know about you, but this is just my personal taste, and style.  Here are two of my favorites from Met Gala Past. 

                  FASHION RISK TAKER
Last year Sarah Jessica Parker pushing the fashion envelope, but doing it to perfection.
Having been the year of "Punk Chaos", the head to toe look was utter perfection, and it is the hope of all fashion press that this year will also hold those amazing risk takers that somehow get it right.

                                      FASHION: OH NO!
Unfortunately, every year there will be those select few that are overly "ambitious" and completely miss the mark. However, in many ways, these fashion flops are also rather interesting, after all, how boring would it be if everyone looked great?

                                The "DRESS FLUFFER"

In true "Queen" status, it is a well known fact that if you have a dress with a train, you need a little "helper". Like little magic Christmas elfs they run around fluffing out the dresses of celebrities taking photos or going up those glorious stairs. Beyonce's fluffer even had a sharp matching outfit to her gown.

                                    CHARITY For the ARTS

This spectacular yearly event has been so successfully it has fundraised nearly $125 million within the past 15 years of having Anna Wintour as trustee. The Costume Institute has since renamed itself to "Anna Wintour Costume Center", as gratitude for her exceptional work. Known to be the Oscars of fashion, the Met Gala, is truly a night of celebration and respect towards the value of the ARTS in all forms.

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