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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Are You A Fashion Trend Puppet?

Open any fashion magazine, or click on any fashion blog, there is no avoiding fashion chatter on TRENDS. What is the color of the season? The bag of the moment? What are the must have items that keep you fashionable and flocking like little puppets to buy every season? Why do we do it and why are we so fascinated in being little fashion clones? 

The truth of the matter is, trends thrive off of our own insecurities. Our inability to make decisions of our own and our need for acceptance. Just like in High School when we desperately wanted to look like those "popular" girls roaming the halls, we now look to celebrities to see what they are wearing and how we can some how recreate that look. 

Yes, believe it or not overalls are currently on trend. Like all the magazines are saying, the 90's are back, and with that said, go get yourself some overalls!
Actually, hold that thought, and just take a moment to think about how original or authentic clothes or fashion items you see on celebrities or "popular" fashion bloggers really are. How manipulated are you? I hate to break it to you, but there is a reason celebrities are flooded with free merchandise. When you see a re-occurring theme, think for a second, chances are, brands have strategically sent out massive amounts of free overalls right before they are cleverly pushed onto racks for you to buy. It takes only a handful of celebrities to wear them in order to get a trend started. This also holds true for fashion gurus on youtube or fashion blogs. If you start seeing the same bag,cosmetic product, or accessory on multiple sites, chances are the Brand had something to do with it. 

 “Ultimately, we need no more clothes. We could function with everything that’s on the earth right now. So you have to have this reason to want things." 
    -Jeremy Scott of Moschino regarding his 2014 Collection  below. 

Believe it or not FASHION is the opposite of TRENDS. The popular belief of "trendy" as  being fashionable is completely false. 
Fashion is a way of life, that should be unique and customized to you. It is your story and it should be meant as your form of expression. When your vision of who you are become clearer your fashion opinions will become stronger. You regain the power of what you want rather than what you are told you should want.
Find your own Style,  and you will free yourself from the puppet strings of fashion TRENDS.


  1. Very well said! Brand manipulation is so subtle and strategic that it's easy to confuse what we want with what we're told to want. I find that unplugging from TV, magazines, etc. for a week can be helpful in kind of resetting my personal style compass.

    1. Hi Maura!
      You are exactly right! I also make it a priority to avoid tv, social media etc. at least once a week, just to clear my head and get a grip on my own thoguhts. Thank you for bringing this useful point up.

  2. This post reminds me of an old episode of "Pinky and the Brain," a show about two mice who want to take over the world.

    Anyway, Brain sees that women are so easily influenced by designers, and he wants to test the water just to see how easy it is to influence them, so he passes himself off as a fashion designer and purposely chooses the most ridiculous designs: clown-inspired clothes. He presents them on the runway, claims that they are "the hottest things," and then the scene changes to the next morning, when all the women in the city are dressed up like circus clowns. :-P

    1. Hi Chic and Alluring,

      lol. Unfortunately, life does mimic cartoons sometimes. Thanks for sharing.