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Saturday, June 14, 2014

How To Shop Like a Fashion Pro

Summer is here and it's time to revamp that wardrobe. However, before you go mindlessly shopping for something you might regret, why not shop this season like a fashion pro? 

                                DON'T BREAK THE BANK

BUDGET. The first thing you need to do is have some kind of budget. It doesn't matter whether you are a millionaire or a student, having a budget organizes your mind. Knowing clearly where you stand financially before  you shop, will avoid impulse shopping, and purchases you may later regret.  

                                  WARDROBE CHECK
Right before you go shopping, do a quick wardrobe refresh. This means, do a visual check of what you own and refresh your memory. This will prevent you from buying items that you naturally gravitate to. You can't imagine how common it is for people to collect pieces that look exactly the same, over and over again. Try to figure out what items would enhance the pieces you already own, and what fashion pieces would most benefit your collection. Keep a mental note of these items, and shop with the intention to find them.

                                          BODY SIZE

This is never fun, but trust me, it's better to figure out your size at home than in a dressing room with awful lighting. The key is to try your most form fitting outfit, and get an idea of whether you have gained weight or lost it. From here you can decide whether to postpone shopping till you are back to your normal weight or to go anyway but step up or down a size. Pre sizing yourself will prevent those depressing, "nothing fits me" moments. 

                       SCAN THE PLAYGROUND
The first thing you should do when you enter a store is to scan the entire store. Literally stand in a good spot and visually summarizes the whole shop. If you like nothing, and the vibe feels wrong, then don't waste your time. Some stores, organize sections by type or style and scanning will allow you to directly go to the spot that fits you. 


SALES are the first place I always go. After all, this is where you can find the best deals, and get so much more for your money. However, be careful! Sometimes shops use the word "sale" to make you impulse buy. If you really don't need it, then don't buy it. I especially am careful on gimmics like "buy 1 get 1 1/2 off" this is just a fancy way of saying 25% off. Stores always do math tricks like this, to make you believe it is a bigger deal than it really is. Clearance racks are usually the best place to find great deals, but usually not in the best shape. If you are not good at fixing up clothes or love to sew and craft like me, then perhaps pass on a fixer upper.

                          IMPULSE SHOPPING BEWARE

I don't know what happens to our brains when we shop, but you cannot imagine the weird stuff I have come home with. For some reason at the store it seems so amazing. Then as you return home and your brain re-enters your body you awaken to a ridiculous purchase you cannot believe you made. The only way to prevent crazy purchases is to have a strong grip on what you need and what you are looking for.
 Don't let the glamour of shopping centers pull you into the abyss of clothing you don't need and will never wear. 

Have fun.


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  1. Madi Brown wants to shop like a PRO too....She's learning. But as with anything, becoming a real pro is a process filled with trials and errors. Here's to hoping that lesson isn't BANKRUPTCY for anyone.

    For Reals, and Love you the most,
    MAdi Brown