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Monday, June 16, 2014

Kendall Jenner Follows Kim Kardashian's Slitty PR Tactics

Call it sibling rivalry, or sibling stupidity but Kendall Jenner was obviously inspired by Kim Kardashian's panty showing slit incident. It was only a couple of months ago, Kim Kardashian showed up to the Met Gala in a Lanvin dress with a sky high slit that exposed her panties. 
 The formula is simple, show your naked bits, and get a lot of press. However, if you are gonna copy, why not do it better? Kendall not only doubled the slit power but made it beyond clear to everyone she had ditched her panties on her recent red carpet at the VMMA's. 

                            PROOF SHE DID IT FOR PUBLICITY

If you compare Kendall's Slits to the 2014 Fausto Puglisi Campaign model, it is beyond obvious the slits were intentionally widened significantly to emphasize she was commando. The slits are already sky high, do you really need to widen them even more? Really? Obviously, a deliberate stunt to get more pictures taken and more people talking. 
Changes like these to a designers vision is exactly what is wrong with the mix of fashion and celebrities addicted to fame. If you look at the photo on the right it is obvious, Puglisi's vision was a twist of regal, and punk rock edge. The dress is meant to be worn looser as if a regal queen took some scissors and freed herself from restriction. The slits are risqué, but not vulgar.
 However, when the slits were doubled in width, and the proportions were tightened around her hips, the entire dress fell apart. Now the eye can only stare at the the naked bits and the beautiful flow of the A-line is lost. The look transformed from powerful woman, to slutty naked girl.
This is a classic example of people who sell themselves seeking a platform, even though they have absolutely nothing to say. 


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