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Sunday, June 22, 2014

My Summer Shoe Collection

Closet Confessions

Shoes, shoes, shoes!  
My Summer shoe collection is perhaps some of my favorite shoes in my entire wardrobe. The price range from extravagant to super inexpensive. I never discriminate a shoe by price or brand. If the shoe speaks to me, then obviously, I will have to have it. Which is great when the shoe is cheap and not so great when they are expensive.

In the Summer I gravitate to colors that are more vibrant or a bit more sparkly. The energy is high and whimsical, and perfect for the scorching Summer sun!

Check Out My Fashion Shoe Style...

                            WHIMSICAL SNEAKERS

These High Top Rose Gold Sneakers are by MICHAEL KORS. They are my "Go-To" shoe on most days I feel casual. Usually I style it with a relaxed white tee, bf jeans, and my hair in a loose pony. 

                                   VINTAGE TREASURES

Vintage shoes are by far my most beloved shoes. Why? Simply because I love having things nobody else has, and in my opinion, things in general were made better in the past.

From left to right GIVENCHY vintage from a Boutique in Paris, BALLY vintage from a Boutique in Brussels, Designer unknown but from a Boutique in Brussels, and BRUNO MAGLI from Vintage shop in California. 

                                        ARTSY/ QUIRKY

If there is anything that will draw me faster to a shoe, is if there is something artsy or different going on with the shoe. I love artistic references and details. 
The top left shoe is actually my own creation. I basically painted sunflower field all over my CHARLES JOURDAN boots and it somehow always reminds me of Summer. 
The turquoise ballet flats next to them  are from Germany and were from a street market. I'm pretty sure they were just 15 euros, but they have lasted me over 10 years. Proof, that price, doesn't always matter. The detail work is also gorgeous and they are always my go to shoe when I wear turquoise jewelry, and all white outfits.
The bottom left is by SALVATORE FERRAGAMO and they are in my opinion, a work of art. 
The blue flip flops are a recent purchase from a street vendor, and they are perfect on those days I am wearing a bit of denim.

                               PLATFORMS/ HIGH HEELS 

As you can probably tell, platform sandals are my preference for a heel, and what I always wear with my Summer dresses. 
I personally gravitate to a thicker heel/wedges  simply because I am quite clumsy. I fall all the time so basically the added surface area reduces my chances of falling over. They are also less painful on my feet due to the smaller arch toward the heel.

The top two are by ZARA, the Rose Gold Sandal below is by LUCKY BRAND, the red/orange shoe is by GUESS, and the bottom white Mary Janes are by MARNI. 


The first sandal is by PRADA and I bought them several years ago in Europe, but they have aged quite nicely over the years. 
The silver pair next to them are by SERGIO ROSSI, and I also bought them in Europe several years back but they are still in perfect condition. The shoe always reminds me of Adam and Eve, and what I would imagine Eve would wear.
The golden sandal on the bottom left is by GUISEPPE ZANOTTI. They are by far the most gorgeous and extravagant sandals I have ever seen. Adorned with orange,yellow, and white crystals, they are a mixture of casual and ultra glam. 





  1. You have such cute shoes! I need to find more vibrant shoes, as a lot of mine are pastel/neutral colours:) I do love a bit of sparkle so I must add some to my collection too:p those trainers are such a lovely colour :) x
    |Life as a Petite || Fashion, Crafts & Lifestyle Blog|

    1. hi tiny tang!
      thanks for your sweet comment! Sparkly shoes i the summer are definitely a good addition!


  2. You have very beautiful and colourful shoes! I love it :)


  3. Gorgeous shoes you have there :) I agree I love wearing platform shoes and shoes with chunky heels, I definitely don't want to fall all over the place either! haha x

    1. hi Chantal!
      Glad to know others are as clumsy as me!


  4. Replies
    1. Hi Plearn!
      Thanks for your sweet comment and visiting my blog.