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Friday, July 18, 2014

Fashion Makeover: Reviving Vintage

There are many reasons I love Vintage/Antique/Thrifted Items, but perhaps my number one reason is there is almost always a process of "restoration" that is required and after it is done, it is as if the item has been brought back to life. 
You constantly need  to see the "possibilities", verses what it may look like at that moment. When I shop for "new" things I look for flaws. I want it to be perfect, and then I spend the first week nervously  worried about getting it scratched or damaged. However, with vintage the mental process is reversed. The item is already far from  perfect, with wrinkles, and variations in color, that have naturally occurred, and yet this is exactly what makes it beautiful and unique. My focus with my vintage items is all about bringing out the beauty it once had, and celebrating the uniqueness that only time and age can bring. 

                                            USEFUL TIPS

When shopping vintage, it is very important to be able to notice good quality leather verses, pleather. Pleather, or colored leather does not age well, and cannot be restored. Always look for QUALITY, and strongstitch work.
                                    PRODUCTS I USED
The Creams I used are for cleansing the leather. It provides protection, while re-hydrating life and color back  into the dried leather. The products are both from France, and were highly recommended to me buy a shop owner from one of my favorite Vintage shops.
I cleaned and  polished  the bag with old stockings, and an old T-Shirt. The plastic gloves are just a personal choice because your hands can get a bit oily. 

...and Voila! This bag is perfect  for all my blogging necessities. I put my lab top, a notebook, color pens  some other essentials, and I am ready to blog anywhere! 


  1. That's such a lovely bag and you made it look even more amazing. Now I know how to look after a vintage bag if I ever buy one :) x

    1. hi chantal!
      It is always nice to hear from you! :) Yes, I really like this bag too.

  2. WOW!!!! That is so amazing!! Great job!!

    1. Hi Nate!

      Thank you for coming back to my blog and commenting!