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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Top 5 Summer Hairstyles to Try!

As much as I love the summer sun, I must admit, my hair is rather a nuisance during these extreme heat waves. My hair is very thick and very long and it can get quite suffocating during these summer months.
 First of all, my hair is always pulled off the shoulder and pulled back. It can be rather difficult to stay stylish when its boiling hot, and sticky humid.

The following are my top 5, go to Summer Hairstyles! They are guaranteed to keep you cool while still remaining stylish. 

                                  1.) FRENCH BRAID

The classic french braid. This is perhaps the easiest and quickest hairstyle to do, and my personal favorite. The secret with braids is, the tighter your braid the sportier the look. If you want a feminine, romantic look, pull the braids looser. It is also a personal favorite of mine to pull it to the side and to add a dainty silk ribbon.

                                 2.)   BRAID CROWN

The Braid Crown, is something girls with long hair should definitely try. It is also extremely quick and easy, but this look works perfectly for fancy nights out, or romantic beach days. The great thing is, even as it gets messy through the heat and humidity, there is something wonderfully fresh and enchanting about this look. I wear this look with a maxi dresses, dewy cheeks and lips, and a flower or clip in my hair. 

                             3.)    DETAILED PONY TAILS
I also enjoy putting my hair into pony tails, but I always add a little detail to avoid looking like a horse's rear. Whether it be a a braid, or many hair ties, I always add a bit of variation

                                  4.)   BRAIDED TOP BUN

This added  bottom braid to the top bun is a fantastic way to keep the bottom of your hair tight. It avoids fly aways and adds a bit of detail. Always a crowd pleaser, it is sure to get you some compliments!

                                  5.)   QUIRKY PIG TAILS

I haven't worn pig tails since  I was a little girl, but lately, I am rather enjoying this 60's inspired look. Add a bit of volume to the top of your head, curl the bottoms and arrange with cute little ties. 


  1. I LOVE braided hairstyles!:) Great post!