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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

What's in My bag? *Summer Edition*

This Golden Yellow, Christian Dior bag was a gift from my grandfather when I graduated High School. It is by far my most favorite, and cherished bag. My grandfather passed several years ago, but It's amazing  how such "things" can bring back such fond memories and some how make him feel very near to me. 

The bag itself is not very large, and is perfect for my off days. I have a bad habit of carrying way too much and so a smaller bag is always a smart idea when you really do not need much. 

This little embroidered pouch is from France, and inside, I carry my iPod, card case, perfume case, and heart shaped "Marie Antoinette" case.  

The butterfly case is actually a lipstick case but I use it to carry one of my most prized purchases. It is a parfume snuff box from the 18th century, France. I purchased it while I was in Belgium, at a Antique store,and I always imagine some 18th century French Princess once carried it in her silk laced sleeve. The details are truly amazing and it contains my favorite scent. 
A bit of sad information. The day I purchased it, I was so excited, I showed a friend and dropped it. The crystal cap is forever cracked, and it brings a twinge of regret every time I see it. 

This is my book of Ideas. Sketches, designs, ideas, quotes, sonnets, or anything that inspires me is always jotted down in this very book. 

ABAHNA is one of my favorite hand lotions from UK. It is rather difficult to get in the US but I somehow managed to find it. For my lips, I love this tinted lip balm from DIOR. 

Since my bag is quite small, I do not bring my usual wallet and instead use this pink coin purse. I bought it at "Harrods" in London a couple of years ago.  I usually just put some cash, and a card or two, and that is honestly all I need. 

I always have pens and pencils with me and each one is actually collected from  somewhere, and brings back a memory. 

I never leave home without my business cards. 

This Marie Antoinette case is meant for pills. However, I have opted for candy instead, and it always carries exactly two.