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Monday, July 21, 2014

How Uniforms Manipulate Your Mind

For those that refuse to believe the power of what you wear and its direct link to your inner views, lets take a moment to analyze the effect of uniforms and how they are used to manipulate social behaviors. 

A school uniform seems harmless, right? I mean it does create an equal playing field where kids won't judge each other by clothing brands, and who can resist the time saved in the morning? Unfortunately, at what price do we pay for these minimal conveniences? What is it really doing to the mind of a child who is "preparing" to live in a society? 

Lets first think about when uniforms are applied in  society. Uniforms are used in a way to diminish the idea of "self" and replace it with the feeling of "team". This is why you see uniforms for the Army, Sports Teams, prisons, Communists, and any other "brand" identified occupation. 

Uniforms make you visually group yourself as a unit, and therefore, you are more easily manipulated. 
Instead of the mindset, "What do I feel?" your brain processes, "What do WE feel?" . Such situations create a practice, of waiting to see and read how others react in order to make a decision. This creates a type of "invisible barrier" of following orders, and thinking within the box. Imagination and ideas of 'Self' are restrained creating a fragile society that can easily be manipulated to believe almost anything.

What you wear, is highly influential to how you think and view the world. It should be encouraged from an early age to LEARN how to express your own opinions through fashion, and words, building strong  characters,  and encouraging individual thoughts and ideas. 


  1. Well I have always seen uniforms as senseless and useless, but I might say in a secular and ''free enough'' environment they might save teenagers from dressing problems during early mornings. I have worn uniform when I was in secondary school and I agree I hated it most of the time but there were some times when it saved me from indecision. No need to think about what to wear...they are especially handy for guys, not everyone is interested in ''fashion'' (whatever 'fashion' means) so I guess it comes handy to have something to put on quickly when you're in a rush. :)

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  2. hi iulia,

    It is the moment of "indecision" that builds character growth. Clothes whether uniforms or not, is not senseless or useless. Thinking about what you wear is a way to practice what you believe, feel, and express.