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Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Future of Fashion is in Your Hands

Believe it or not, fashion is an ever changing platform, that is controlled by you. Whether you are a consumer, writer/blogger, fashion designer or fashion lover, you hold all the power at defining the future of fashion.
Just take blogging as a prime example of the latest change in the fashion world. You no longer need, fame, money or power, to have your voice heard. This new form of journalism has added an organic rawness and outlet of self expression. It is time to regain the power that we unknowingly have, and use it to create a new future for fashion.

Unfortunately, the worst part of fashion is its dependence on the "business" side of making money. Fashion Designers, Stylists, Writers, etc. are all somehow influenced by the "sponsors/producers", who want to sell and make money. Artistry is constantly jeopardized over the need to appeal to numbers. Remember the highly controversial "KIMYE Cover on Vogue"? A prime example of the influence to "sell" verses fashion. 

The formula is simple. Neuroticism, (insecurities, jealousy, etc.) generates materialism, which creates interest,  and drives you to buy. 
Brands/Sponsors will contact anyone with an audience that will appeal to their product. When you see bloggers liking or recommending certain items, always keep in mind, they could be sponsored. Legally every blogger must note when they are sponsored, but the truth is, many do not. There is advertorial manipulation everywhere you go, and understanding it, is the first step to changing it. 

Like everything in life, as you work hard and start to see progress, your core values will always come into question. Being driven by profit margins, and increased revenue, diminishes the elements of imagination. If we ever hope for a fashion industry inspired by talent, creativity, and innovations, the change needs to begin with those who create it. The initial intention should always come from you, and what you want should be bigger than the desire for success or money. 
Loyalty to yourself and your  beliefs should always remain at the top of your list. It is inevitable that relationships between brands/sponsors go hand and hand in the world of fashion. After all, fashion needs clothes, and it has to come from somewhere. The importance is promoting those you truly believe in and celebrate the companies that "deserve" to be recognized. Speak the truth and fight the tendencies of supporting something you really do not believe in. 
There are brands out there, who support core values, and remain true to their artistic visions, and these are the products and people that should be recognized. It should not be a battle of who knows who, and fake shout outs.  You have the power to go against this flow of material gain, and make a real contribution to the world and yourself.  Let fashion be about quality, artistry, and value at the highest form, rather than a world dominated by mediocre products representing nothing. 

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