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Friday, September 19, 2014

A Million Ways to Style One Necklace

I was recently sent a beautiful Tahitian South Sea pearl  pendant from The Pearl Source .
Normally, I am not easily impressed with items that are sent to me by various brands or gifted to me by friends or family. My picky ways usually  find something I do not like, whether it be, quality, taste or color. Sometimes, even resorting to transforming a necklace completely. (READ ABOUT IT HERE)

This is why, I am pleasantly surprised to say, I love the necklace I was sent. Made of sterling silver and a gorgeous AA+ quality pearl, it was imported from the secluded lagoons of Tahiti. 

I have literally worn this necklace everyday, and in a million different ways.  The amazing thing is how versatile it is in layering with my other collection of necklaces. The luxurious luster creates a vivid glow of iridescent colors, allowing it to mix with almost all metals, gemstones, and colors. As you match the necklace with another necklace, the colors that pop out are unexpected, and surprising.

Here are some ways I am currently styling my "Tahitian South Sea Pearl". 

                                          MIXING METALS:

                           STACKING PEARLS ON PEARLS

                       MIXING WITH DIFFERENT STONES:

                               PLAYING WITH COLOR

                                     MIXING IN BEADWORK

                               ADDING CRYSTAL GLAMOUR