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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Designing for My Car

I have often stated my "Fashion Philosophy", is a way of life. As most of you may already know, I design clothes and accessories as a form of expression and Art. The ability to create things that float in my thoughts and actually create them into my reality, is truly the submerging of two worlds. 
The more I experiment with my freedom to create things, the more I realize how limitless the boundaries really are. 

This made me think, why not design an outfit for my car? With so many hours spent there, why not create an environment that represents my style, and keeps me inspired?
                                        THE DESIGN
The style Is heavily influenced from 18th Century France. The materials used were all recycled from materials found within my home, and therefore, cost me nothing. The cushions are created from silk table cloths that I purchased in France, and they are stuffed with down feathers that I used from an old down comforter. The smallest pillow, is hand embroidered with red lace to form the letter "M" which represents the first letter of my Name. The rosette fabric was purchased in Belgium and was formally a table mat. 

My style is also a bit of French shabby chic. Very much like my own fashion style, I love mixing textiles, and playing with different patterns that work cohesively. Having the passenger seat offset the driver's cushions was also intentionally done to create visual interest. The "heart pillow" use to be a a bag that carried my knitting needles. 

At the very back of the rear windows, peeks two white bows that are actually the supporting straps of the down cushions. They are a bit influenced by the signature, black and white of Coco Chanel. It was intentional chosen to use tweed black in order to let the eyes center on the white bows and to add a bit of whimsy and surprise to the entire design. 

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