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Sunday, October 19, 2014

5 Must Know Facts About Trends

Have you ever wondered where trends come from? Every season new trends pop up, claiming "x" is the new black, or "y" is the new must have. Where do these decisions come from and who makes them? It is all rather unexplained, and yet no one bothers to question it. Like baby ducks following the mama duck, we just mindlessly follow the pack. Lets take a moment to stop and question a bit the true nature of a trend. 

                              5 Facts about TRENDS

1.) What is a trend? 
Fashion -Style = Trend 
I spoke about this in my previous post, but trends have NOTHING to do with fashion. Yes, they lavish in the spotlight, and claim to be "everything fashion", but they exist only to pressure you. Trends are 100% a business tactic used to direct you to new merchandise that they want you to buy. Fashion magazines have to support trends, because they are sponsored by the brands they are supporting. If you think about it, fashion magazines now a days are literally 85% advertisement and 5% articles and 10% "trend" mapping, the essence is to SELL. 

2.)The Nature of a Trend.
As you may already know, a "trend" does not live very long. It is all about the moment and staying "current". What's in now will be out tomorrow. In fact, trends themselves are quite similar to illusions. Is it real or is it not? Like rainbows in the sky, they will disappear as quickly as they appear, but never will it stay forever, or have any real meaning.

3.) Why Trends Exist.
Have you ever wondered where color trends start? It's almost as if all the fashion designers either have a sixth sense and magically just know or they have gathered in one big room and sat around voting on a color for next season. Believe it or not, the latter is not so far from the truth. What? 
So here's the dish, when you deal with a seasonal "color trend" you are directly dealing with the business of the textile industry.

After the chaos of the Industrial Revolution, the textile industry found the need to be able to better predict and set upcoming color and style trends. The Color Association of the United States (CAUS), then the Textile Color Card Association of the United States (TCCA), was formed to issue color forecasts in the form of cards twice a year. They basically give directions in color trends to the market (designers). This then enables them to coordinate different segments of the market to the point of sales they would like. Color trends actually have nothing to do with the color itself and everything with the production and manipulation of making you want what they have prepared for you.

4.) Fashion Style vs. Trend
The difference between Fashion Style and trends is simply an issue of control. With trends, you are dealing with popularity and time. These are two factors you will never have any control over.Trends dictate what you need, and when to buy it. Fashion Style will  allow you the freedom to decide what  works for you and when. Creativity is not limited to time, or what is new, but rather what you like and how you desire to style it. Why give yourself such limited restrcitions?

5.)Trends to Love or Hate?
 Trends themselves are not a bad thing. In fact, a current trend I enjoy are cropped top/sweaters. I am rather short and cropped tops have always been a favorite of mine. The key is, I like cropped tops not because it was labeled a trend, but because I have always liked them. What makes a trend manipulative, is when they are  purchased not because you want them, but because you feel you must have it to stay current or be someone you are not.  Your opinions  and tastes must always come first. Fashion is driven by your mind. All the hype around trends is simply just hype. Don't let the noise around you drown out the best part. YOU. 


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