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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fashion vs. Style

Perhaps, one of the most confusing things about fashion, is the relationship it has with "style". Are they together, or did they break up? From what I am hearing from the fashion world,  they are living separate lives and no longer have anything to do with each other.

OK, but seriously now, the debate between fashion and style is all rather ridiculous to me. According to modern day fashion analysts, "fashion" is partnered with popular trends, and what is currently hot. It is often debated that you do not need to be inspired, nor creative to do fashion, but rather it is a term that can be bought.  "Style" on the other hand is all about your personal touches and how you put "fashion" together. These include such personal touches as mixing high and lo, or old vs. new. 

The reasons I cannot accept this explanation of fashion and style as some how separate, is because it simply does not work. Fashion and style are like lovers who may move apart but always remain entwined. You cannot separate the two and it makes no sense to do so. Fashion without style is a trend. If you want to separate anything from fashion they should be TRENDS! (more on trends in tomorrows post)

Lets make it simple. Fashion should be led by fashion designers. Not the editors, magazines, consumers, nor, stuffy boring business men with charts on demographics and sales charts. Fashion designers have their own visions and inspirations, and their clothes are an expression on those creative impulses.

In many ways we approach fashion collections, and shows completely wrong. Instead of vigorously looking for common trends, and the color of the moment why do we not try to dig deeper into the messages of the designers? Any worthy fashion designer, is almost always extremely intelligent, and philosophical. There is always an existing root of inspiration that blossoms in an artistic form of expression. Whether inspired by the grecian gods, nature, or war, there always lies an idea inspired by life.

Fashion designers and the shows they create are theatrical, inspiring and filled with style, color and textures. Do we call a fashion designer a fashion/style designer? NO, that would be redundant. Style is and should be implied in the word of Fashion.  We should look to these designers as mentors, or teachers on how to do Fashion. Study their collections, and observe how they are inspired to create and where they find those inspirations. Designers do not descriminate their style based on a trend or what is current. Fashion can only breathe if you let go and open your mind to create from the most unexpected place. The models of their collection represent a character, and it should make you "THINK".  Who is that girl? What is she like? Why does she wear what she wears? Does she relate to me? How can I fit that look into my look? It's time to erase the shallow stereo type of  the ditzy fashion girl, and replace it with a fashion girl who thinks. 

We may not all be able to sew ourselves a couture gown but we are all capable of thinking. Learn to view fashion from a third eye, and start to analyze what your own look is about. It is through this thought process that you find your own Fashion Style.