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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Are Fashionable Headphones a Ripoff?

Now a days, everyone owns a smart phone, and with it, a much needed pair of headphones. Music provides an escape, and a much needed break from the excess noise of "life". It is no surprise fashion has taken full advantage of this growing tech trend and the birth of the 'head phone accessory' was born. However, how much fashion power covers a plain old rip off? 

Beats head phones recently partnered with Alexander Wang launching a sleek and modern design of gold accented black headphones and accessories, for a staggering $450.

FRENDS headphones range from $149-$249 and  they are a brand based entirely on making fashionable headphones. Having partnered with such designers as Rebecca Minkoff their designs are often seen worn by celebrities and fashion lovers. 

Frends has also recently launched removable covers that allow you to swap the exterior design of the headphone and swap it for another. However, the covers don't come cheap, ranging from $39-$49 each. 

There is no doubt FRENDS headphones are gorgeous!  The Bauble Bar, 'Layla' rose gold collaboration is perhaps the most beautiful headphone I have ever seen, and extremely tempting to buy. 
What stops me? At a high price of $179 it is a total rip off. Mind you, a "beautiful" rip off, but still a rip off. The quality as a headphone is extremely low, verses the price tag which is horribly over priced. Think of it like a standard nice Hyundai, embellished in beautiful fake rhinestones and charging the price tag of a Ferrari. Would you buy it? Surely, I would hope not. Fashion has a way of blinding you, and this can be dangerous when your money is involved. It makes you a very easy target, and selling ridiculously overpriced items a piece of cake. 
The beats headphones in collaboration with Alexander Wang, is a very good quality headphone, but the price of $450 is a bit ridiculous. Even fashionably speaking, it is not that much different from the standard black sony headphones, but at least the quality is good. 

 In the name of "FASHION", don't be ripped off. Honestly, the FRENDS headphones are beautiful and I would have no problem with their product if they charged a reasonable price (as in cut the price in half). All I am saying is, either they lower the price or raise the quality. Yes, I know fashion brands in general are highly over priced but at least, there is a level of superior quality.

                                          SONY MDR-1R

My headphones are a Sony MDR-1R and in my opinion they do not look that much different from the Beats (Alexander Wang) headphones.  These ones are $289 and they are the real deal. For those of you who say you cannot hear the difference between a good and bad pair, trust me, a quality pair of headphones will change your listening experience. At first your ear might not pick up what is different, but your emotions will feel it. Guaranteed. 

Don't be a Poser. Fashion is a philosophy. True fashion cannot exist without a foundation of true quality. 


  1. Honestly, I'd much prefer buying an expensive pair of really good headphones (like yours, which btw also look incredible) than an expensive pair of mediocre headphones just to look fashionable. Great post! xx

    1. hi domino!

      thanks. i really love my headphones especially because they can noise cancel. take care.

  2. I agree with you, I would definitely spend more on amazing quality headphones than on ones that just look amazing. I love music too much to deliberately buy headphones that would ruin my listening experience x