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Monday, October 27, 2014


Dear Reader,

Today I discovered that content from TALK FASHION, has been illegally stolen, plagiarized and used on . So far, I have found 4 articles of mine, that have been reworded in some places, re-arranged, but never the less, copied verbatim in most parts as if they had written it. I assume other content is also stolen from other bloggers/sites, and everyone should remain alert and aware of this site. 

 I have collected all the links below, for everyone to clearly see which articles were stolen and how they are being used in their site at this very moment. I have contacted the creator of the site, and asked them to take down the articles, but as of now, they are still live.

The whole situation is disheartening, and alarming. I was always aware of plagiarizing, but when it happens to you, it is quite surreal. It is an invasion of the soul and mind, and a snatching of an identity. I cannot begin to express the violation I feel, and disturbance of the human spirit.  TALK FASHION, is a site I have created, and am personally very proud of. Everything is written in my words, and my thoughts. It is all very personal to me. I feel a great appreciation to my readers and hold much responsibility in the ethics behind honest 'fashion journalism', and maintaining content that is completely original and created by me. 

I cannot understand the purpose of copying someone else's work and making it their own, but I would like to warn all of you to be aware that this sort of thing is happening. Be careful. Please check out the links below. 

Take care. 


 1.) Plagiarized Content:
"What is your Fashion IQ "

-Original content from:
"What is your Fashion IQ." 
Published on Tuesday, July 1, 2014

2.)Plagiarized Content:
"Ways to Celebrate Your Body Shape Through Fashion"

-Original Content:
"3 Ways To Use Fashion to Celebrate your Body Shape" 
published: Saturday, September 13, 2014 

3.) Plagiarized Content:
"Is Being Fashionable Superficial?" 

-Original Content:
"To Be Fashionable or to Be Superficial that is the Question"
published on May 31, 2014 

4.) Plagiarized Content: 
"Breaking Free from the Fashion Stereotype"

-Original Content: 
"Breaking the Fashion Stereotype"
published on Friday, June 13, 2014 

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