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Friday, October 24, 2014

Flashback Friday: Afternoon in France

Walking the parks of France during Fall is a feast for the eyes. If there is anything I miss the most about Europe it would be this very place at this very time. Like an everlasting dream, I remember...

For this "Flashback Friday", join me down memory lane, for an afternoon in France. 

My style in the colder months of Fall is inspired by the colors found in Nature. Recieving almost all my inspiration from trees and the colors found in the changing leaves, my style is cohesive with the environment I am surrounded by. On the practical side, I layer sweaters over sweaters,  to stay warm. A dear friend once called my style, "like a cabbage", which still makes me laugh to this very day. 

                                            THE SCARF

The Scarf was made by me, and also the first scarf I have ever knitted. I was inspired to make it because I could not find a scarf in the stores that fit my vision. I really wanted a scarf that celebrated the beautiful variations of greens found in changing leaves. It is made of wool and cashmere, and is embellished with beads, and softly hand embroidered leaves. 

                                             THE BAG 

The bag is by VALENTINO and one my favorite bags to wear during Fall. I simply love it because it is a golden yellow. For me, the yellow golds that flutter through the air during the Autumn months are simply breath taking. 

                                          The HEADBAND

The Headband is by Evita Peroni, and is made of Swarovski crystal beads. I must admit, it is my version of a tiara for the modern day woman.

                                          ANGELINA (Paris)

Angelina is a legendary Tea House established in 1903 for Parisian aristocracy. Such legends as Proust and Coco Chanel have rubbed shoulders with the biggest names of fashion in Angelina's Salons.

The famous African hot chocolate is composed of three selections of African cocoa from Niger, Ghana, and Côte d'Ivoire. The chocolate mixture is an ANGELINA  specialty and is an experience that cannot be missed. 

Iconic for their pastries, my favorite was this pistachio and strawberry cream puff. The little surprises found in it's layers are a visual delight.

France is my love, and my most special place in the world. In my heart that is where I stay....


  1. You've made me realise how much I miss France when I look at all these photos. I really hope I can go back there one day. x

    1. Hi Chantal,

      I miss France very much. I hope I can go back someday soon as well.