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Thursday, October 23, 2014

How Autumn Inspires Me

Yesterday I posted shots of my Fall Shoe Collection, and I briefly explained how my shoes create these visual images in my mind that remind me of all my beautiful Autumn memories. I guess you would call them flashbacks, but it always surprises me how strong our senses really are. 

This is how Autumn Inspires me,
see what I see when I put on my shoes...

When I use to live in Brussels, I had two very large windows, over looking my bed. From my window I could see millions of Ivy leaves change from deep greens to vibrant orange, red, purple, and gold all throughout the Autumn months. It was like a fire work display of the final curtain call. It is remarkable to think Autumn is actually the ending of the seasons, and the leaves are actually dying. As humans, we always fear our deaths and the process of aging, and yet, leaves, climax till the very end. 

Such life and colors, why is it humans cannot live like leaves? 

Leaves are the fingerprints of life. They change so softly into beautiful shades of every color.

Walking through Autumn.
 I remember how my mind would be in awe of the beauty of this season. Such a juxtaposition.  Surrounded by the warmth of colors and yet the flow of crisp cool wind. 
I could walk for hours. 

Autumn nights. Filled in a sea of darkness, are golden leaves that glow in the reflection of softly lit street lamps. I close my eyes, and remember, such beauty falls in the hearts of those so alone. 

Blue skies and Rainbow leaves. Look up, it's magic. I remember...

Dancing leaves. Golden. How happy they must be. 

Like human hands, filled with veins of life. So intricately woven and mysterious. Leaves are exposed in sunlight. 

The sounds of autumn. Walking through puddles of dried leaves that have curled, you can smell the crisp Autumn air. 


  1. Love this collage! Beautifully done!

    1. Hi Geeske!
      Thank you for visiting my blog!


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  3. Those are stunning photos! x