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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

How to Do a 3D Autumn Nail

3D Autumnal Nail was inspired by the final burst of colors you see in the last half of Fall. The leaves are now bursting into all colors of the rainbow, and soon they will fall to the ground and dry into crushable memories. 
See how I achieved this look. 

                            MY GO TO AUTUMN NAIL 

During the Autumn months I love to wear a nail color that is warm and soft. Currently, my favorite is called, "Copper Wire". It is a beautiful, warm, rose tone, with a hint of copper flecks. The color seen from the outside of the nail polish is very copper brown, but when worn it has gorgeous reddish mauve undertone.

                                     COPPER WIRE 

                               NAIL POLISHES USED 

                                    THE PROCESS


Basically, all you will need is a tooth pick, and some type of plastic surface that can be thrown away. I used a zip lock bag, but you can use whatever you may have. One useful tip would be to dab a small amount of color that you want to use, one at a time. If you dab all the colors like I did above, it will dry rather quickly and be unusable. 



I know it is just nail art, but having a strategy or mental plan is a good way to prevent a huge mess. I knew I wanted the effect of colorful leaves falling, so I made sure to place most of the dots near the tips. I also added the darkest shade to the tips creating the effect of an ombre effect. 

                                   3D Nail Effect

The effect of dabbing various colors of nail polish to the nails with nail polish creates one dimension. I then apply a gold glitter in various spots creating another dimension. As a final top coat I added a green glitter nail polish all over each nail. Tip: Picking glitter of different sizes will add a more clear 3D effect.

                                   Final Look


The final look is festive and fun. It represents the burst of colors happening in the final half of this Autumnal Season! Enjoy.