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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fashion Designing: The Making of the "Autumn Leaves Dress"

"Autumn Leaves" is a dress I designed and constructed last Autumn. It is still my most favorite dress in my Fall wardrobe, and very easy to wear. It can easily be styled casual for day, or more formal for nights. 
Fashion Designing is a creative process that gives you quite a bit of power, and once you get a taste of it, you will never look at clothes in the same way.

                                                    THE VISION

When I design anything, it always starts with a vision. Something must spark my interest and inspire me to create. In this case, I was inspired by golden leaves. As you can see the dress started by cutting millions of leaves out of a golden yellow jersey. I was quite satisfied to its similarity to real leaves, and it gave the exact effect I was hoping for. 

My Vision: A dress just like golden leaves floating through the air, making golden piles all around. The climax of the end of Autumn. Golden.

                                          THE SKETCH

After a vision is decided, it's time to sketch. One fun fact I can share with you, is sketching for yourself is very different from sketching for a model. My dimensions are obviously far different, and I spend much time chopping my arms and legs much shorter. 
When designing there are two aspects to consider. There is the practical side, and then the creative side. 
The practical side includes determining what the dress is for. I wanted a dress I could actually wear, so I purposely chose fabrics that were easily washable materials, and do not wrinkle easily. I chose an A-line cut for the skirt because it is very comfortable. I added pockets because they are very practical and cute. 
The creative side: I wanted the impression of leaves that that floated and then gathered in piles on the floor. You can see how I sewed leaves far apart creating a floating affect, and then pact them closer in some places representing piles. 

                                         VISION to LIFE

The best part of creating your own clothes is creating something from your mind and making it real. For me, it is all a bit like magic. There really are no limits on any type of fashion you may desire. As long as you can visualize it in your mind, you really can make it. It's a bit like having a super power. 

                                                   FINAL LOOK

Styling this dress is easy and fun. I usually swap different vintage belts and play with different boot lengths. How I do my hair and make up, also effects the image of the dress entirely. However, I never wear a necklace or adorn the neck area, simply because it is already adorned with so many leaves. It can all get a bit much. 


  1. That's such a pretty dress and I love how elegant it looks on you too. :) x

    1. Hi Chantal!

      You are always so sweet. I hope you have an amazing day.


  2. This is so cute! I love the colour for fall :)

    1. Hi Kayla,
      Thank you so much! Golden yellow is definitely my favorite color this time of year.


  3. That's a gorgeous dress and amazing that you designed it yourself!

    1. hi,

      Thank you for visiting my blog and your sweet words. They mean a lot.