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Friday, November 7, 2014

Change the World through Fashion

When we think about fashion, it is often misunderstood as this glitzy, glamorous world, that can do no wrong. After all the debate between cerulean and electric blue as a color trend, seems harmless enough, right?
The truth of the matter is, fashion is a multi trillion dollar industry, and with that comes massive impact on the interweaving world that is LIFE. Where did the garment come from, and who and how did they make it? Unless, little magic elves exist, there is a back story to every fashion piece and most likely not a pretty one. It's time we make fashion about expression, life, and intelligence rather than a celebration of waste, ignorance and vanity. Fashion is about life and how you choose to live it. What do you choose?

Fashion impacts lives, whether it be in style, beauty, jobs, or the environment. It is imperative there is a form of "fashion ethics" that should be demanded by consumers. However, in order to do that there needs to be a level of awareness of the abuse and pollution that occurs in the first place. For example, who would have known that such popular brands as ZARA and PRIMARK were responsible for the death of over 1000 workers in Bangladesh? If you think about it, it does make sense. With so many clothes made every season, and prices getting suspiciously lower, you have to ask yourself, at what or who's expense did this garment land in your shopping cart? Should it be considered fashion at the expense of a life, or the decline of the environment itself?


Launching our own campaign on TALK FASHION, "FASHIONHEART" will be a monthly, 7 day tribute to posts, fully dedicated to ethical, and environmentally conscious fashion.  The posts will feature such topics as, DIY's on reusing old clothes, vintage shopping and care tips, recycled style, and any informational knowledge on brands that have gone green or choose to neglect or harm the world.
Join me on TALK FASHION in spreading Fashion Conscious Style. 


Check out this amazing and inspiring speech by Eva Kruse, CEO of the Danish Fashion Institute and Chairman of the Nordic Fashion Association, and Copenhagen Fashion Week. She speaks about changing the World through fashion at the critically acclaimed TEDx Copenhagen. 

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