Tuesday, November 4, 2014

What I Wore: Autumn Sunset

I often talk about my former days in Europe, and how I miss the beauty that Nature creates during the Autumn Season. However, I must admit, there is a different kind of beauty that exists living beachside. The beaches I live near, are as close to paradise as I can imagine, and the sunsets/sunrises are incredible. All of it takes my breath away, and it makes me whisper a sweet little, "thank you", for being a witness to such a miracle. 
As far as my "Beach" style. I must admit, this is not your conventional, lets hang out at the beach attire, but the weather is a bit cooler and my style is a mix of many factors and inspirations. 

My Sunset Style at the Beach....

                                 SHOES and HANDBAG

My Shoes are by ASH and my Handbag is PRADA. Both of them are my Autumn favorites, and both have been part of my collection for many years. The purse was the first brand name bag that I purchased myself, nearly 10 years ago in New York, and it is still my favorite.


The necklace was gifted to me from the brand CAPWELL +co. but I removed a blue/snake medallion and re- arranged the tassels. The various metal colors are all warm toned and perfect for Autumn. 


My pants are deceptively jeggings, and  are quite comfortable. They are leather on the front and cotton stretch on the back. I bought them from Hollister in a very dark green color. The top is by DKNY and it is actually olive toned but appears brown because of the sunlight. The cardigan is by a private boutique Ruby, and is suede with golden embellishments. The cardigan is perfect for sunsets because the various reflections it creates, varies in the light.


The earrings I wore are designed and made by me. I made them for my Fall Collection. The butterfly represents life,where as the leaf that also resembles a feather represents death. The stones used are olive green.


  1. lovely post....its like a mesmerising story board....that beach and sunset is really like a paradise...loved your outfit


    1. hi anie,

      Thank you for your sweet comments and visiting my blog. I personally enjoy your blog as well.


  2. Beautiful photos! Also I adore the earrings and the necklace. :) x


    1. hi chantal,
      how are you? Thanks for commenting about my jewelry. Im glad to hear you liked them. take care sweety.


  3. Beautiful pictures, love your way to dress :-)

  4. hi artdicted,

    thank you. I appreciate your compliments very much.