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Sunday, November 9, 2014

FH 2: What is a Fashion Library and Why We Need More

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Considering the amount of clothes created and recklessly thrown away every second, wouldn't it be an amazing concept to find a good use for them? 
A fashion library, would do just that. Not only is the concept helpful for the environment, it provides  a new concept of accessible fashion based on creativity, not money. A fashion library should not be considered as typical charity shop, strictly for the poor. It is even useful for those who desire to try a new look, save some money, or desire a short term item. The concept not only reduces waste, but provides a positive community service. 
Just as a public library opens its doors to anyone who wants to read, a fashion library, allows ANYONE to freely experience fashion. The idea is still a rather new concept and only a handful of such libraries exist in the world. 

In Western Australia, BELMONT CLOTHES LIBRARY, is a volunteer run organization which loans out clothing for free. With most of the clothing donated, it helps all types of people. From people who may need a professional suit for an interview, or people who just want to save money or go green.

In Stockholm, Sweden, LANEGARDEROBEN, is a fashion library that is not free, but charges a yearly subscription.
The clothing at this library is higher end and allows women their dream styles, while reducing their impacts on the environment.  

In Hamburg, Germany, KLEIDEREI, customers purchase a monthly ticket of 14 euro, and can borrow a couple of pieces each month. The clothing must then be returned within seven days, dry cleaned.

Such fashion libraries have a hard time launching, for one simple reason, money. Fashion brands are already in high competition to sell their mass produced clothing, and the concept of accessible fashion is highly damaging to their profit margin. 
If ever I had the proper funding, it is a dream of mine to one day launch a clothing library. It would not be an ordinary library, but a beautiful boutique filled with gorgeous clothes donated from people and brands from all over the world. It would be strictly nonprofit, and provide an extraordinary experience of imagination. Anyone, is given equal opportunity to put an outfit together without the suffocating factors of costs. 


  1. Interesting to see the different approaches! I must say the rental closets are great for occasions where I need a dress, but no desire to buy one to only be worn once, I guess the libraries are taking things a step further... great idea

    Sah xx

    1. hi sah spence!

      Thanks for your comment.

  2. this is such a beautiful concept! kudos to those who are actually doing it!

    1. Hi Barbs LeCupcake,

      Thanks. I think so too! take care sweety. xoxo