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Saturday, November 8, 2014

FH 1: How I Revive Old/Stained Shoes

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These boots are by CHARLES JOURDAN, and I purchased them many years ago in New York. However, the white portion is canvas and a magnet to stains. I had only worn them a couple of times but that was enough to completely ruin them. Covered in tiny dirt, coffee,and tea stains, I tried everything to get the stains out, but could never find a solution that really worked. 

For years, I held on to them, hoping to have a use for them someday. Most people could not understand why I could not just throw them away. We have all heard the popular rule, "If you have not worn something in over 6 months, throw it away". How incredibly wasteful! 
 However, thankfully I never listen, because last year, I was feeling completely inspired and painted all over the stains with fabric paint. Now they are one of my favorite statement pieces to wear during late Summer and early Fall. 


Reviving these boots was accomplished in three easy steps. 
1.) Wet a clean rag and wipe the desired area to remove any dust or particles. Let dry.
2.) Use fabric paint and begin to Create! (Dry)
3.) Seal with Shoe Protector Spray.

Some other ideas....
Adding buttons, gluing fabric, fur, beads, or dying leathers. The skies the limit. Keep an open mind to fashion, and who knows where it will take you! 


  1. Oh wow that's absolutely fantastic! They look amazing - fab colours :) x
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  2. You are so creative! These boots look fab now they are re-designed. :) x

    1. hi chantal :)

      how are you? thanks for your sweet comment.