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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Fashion Diet

What is a Fashion Diet?
A fashion diet is not about being thinner or fatter, or depriving your body of anything. The goal is simply to maintain a steady weight that is true to your natural shape and preventing your shape from ballooning up or shrinking down. The goal is to find your true body form, and to build your wardrobe around it. 

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, and the Holidays fast approaching, what better time share with you some holiday tips and tricks I use, to prevent dreaded weight gain.

1.) INDULGE Days
The first thing to do is, to mark the days you know there will be a lot of necessary eating. Thanksgiving, holiday parties, or any dates that you absolutely cannot possibly miss out on, circle them.  I take those days, and make a mental note as my "INDULGE" days. On those days, I can eat whatever I want, and as much of it as I want. Make sure there are not too many of them, but work around them wisely. For example, the week of Thanksgiving, I start to eat more greens, less carbs, and no sweets. I add a bit more cardio where I can find the time.
 Pre-plan your meals. 
If you know you have a date with friends later in the day, and there will be holiday treats, make sure you eat healthy veggies and lighter meals earlier in the day. It is all simple math, and a healthy balancing game of food. Doing this will make you feel in control of your body, and it will allow you to enjoy your "Indulge" days rather than regret them. 

2.) Jeans and Belts
When I start to gain weight, it is rather remarkable how I can some how convince myself I am not. However, I do feel it, and I almost always fall in the same routine of wearing stretch pants, loose tops, and sweats. A trick I have picked up over the years, is to wear jeans or a belts at least 3 days per week. It is a great reminder of what your body shape is, and where it is going. It will also make it very uncomfortable for you to over eat, and remain a constant reminder to be careful. 

3.) Balance the Sweet with the Healthy
Ever since I can remember I have had a great weakness for sweets. During the Holidays it is a danger zone for sweets. I mean everywhere you go there are sweets, and who can stop at just one, right? Before grabbing for a plateful of Christmas cookies, have an apple, or some kind of fruit. The problem is, usually you do not crave a healthier option when your eyes are flooded by sugary glamour; however, remind yourself to do so. The hardest part is grabbing the fruit and eating it, but once you start your body naturally appreciates it. I always try to keep it 2/3 healthy, 1/3 unhealthy. The theory is simple. Fill your stomach up first with healthy foods, and finish off with a sugary treat. 


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