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Friday, November 21, 2014

Who is Little Miss Maya?

 Before all the nonsense of being taught to be everyone but yourself, there were those days, when it was simply enough to be you. Little Miss Maya, is the child that lives within me, and she is frightfully honest with all her opinions, loves fashion, full of life, and amazing at posing. lol. 

I was reminded of her today, when I came across this photo of me from a million years ago. It's amazing how clearly I can remember this outfit and how much I loved everything I wore.
 The velvet emerald dress had a fuzzy snowman, and the bracelet I wore was a plastic cluster of rainbow hearts. I remember tugging at the elastic rubbers holding the bracelet together and imagining they were somehow magical. My little pink sneakers, were my "sporty" dancing shoes. Everywhere I went, I danced. In my head, I was the prima ballerina for "Swan Lake" and the world was my stage. 

Do you ever wonder why fashion as you age becomes more about what others think verses what you think? I can never understand why people buy things because other people are wearing them. 
Some one picks a color for the season, and now you want it? What happened to our spirit, our creativity, and most importantly our individual minds? If we cannot think for ourselves, and come up with our own fashions, then what purpose does it serve? Perhaps, as humans we all find the need to be accepted, but at what cost? How much do we strive to blend while slowly losing our self, and the purpose of one's life? It's time to find your inner child, and ask her/him what they think and want. 

take care.


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