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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

25 Days of Holiday STYLE

25 Days of Holiday Style, will be "Blogmas" posts fully dedicated to my style tips, OOTD, and DIY's. 
My Holiday Style during the month of December is the one month in the year that I break the rules a bit and dress against the natural call of nature. The reality is, December is a month of silence, darkness and rest. By nature it symbolizes the ending of Autumn, and the dimming of lights as Winter approaches. "Normally" according to my theory of style, I should be walking around in dark colors: black, grey, and touches of white. However, do I? 

Not quite. My Holiday style contains a combination of dark and light, but it is in reality more festive than solemn. A lot of key pieces I use are black, but always a lot of festive shine, and sparkle. My color choices are full of reds, burgundy, green, silvers, and electric blue. 
Join me as I celebrate the holidays through fashion. ( A new post will go up every day until Christmas Day.)

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