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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Blogmas Day 5: Sentimental Rings Celebrating Holiday Spirit

Holiday time for me, is marked by memories of loved ones. It is a time for reflecting on past memories of all the people I love and have loved. What better way to celebrate that spirit, than by jewelry? 
These two rings, come from my past. One is a gift from my grandfather and the other is passed down from my grandmother. I wear them together during the holidays, and it is my way to connect to my roots.


This Ruby ring belonged to my grandmother, and she passed it down to my mom. I have grown up admiring this ring, and begging my mother to give it to me. Last year, she finally felt it was time, and past it down one more generation, to me. 


I received this ring from my grandfather as a gift. It was one of the last gifts he gave me before he  died and it is my little lucky charm

Grandmother's ring plus Grandfather's gift (ring), equals style with a lot of love!

 The mixing of metals, is also rather modern, while the antique textures, add a vintage feel. The entire look, is unique and personal.

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