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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Blogmas Day 7: What's in My Holiday Bag?

Holiday time is always hectic and busy. Such chaos, calls for organization and the right tools. I almost always opt for a smaller bag and avoid carrying around too much. Most items are either hygienic, festive, business related, or fun ways to pass the time in long lines. 

The bag is by Sonia Rykiel and it is from France. I purchased it several years ago and it remains a Winter favorite. 

My make-up is minimal. I am currently loving Too Faced Candlelight, which adds a soft glow. Chanel Rouge Allure, Emotion 17 and Anna Sui Red Lip Liner. I also carry around a rose red Chanel blush. 

My wallet is by Valentino, and always carry around my I-pod, I-phone, and camera. The little beaded bird bag is from London Accessorize. 

This is a very cool little gadget. I constantly play with it when waiting in a cue. It speaks 16 languages, and helps you learn basic phrases, numbers, and pronunciation. 

Flu season is upon us, and no purse is complete without hand sanitizer. I also carry a lip balm, perfume by Abahna, tissues, and lavender oil for relaxation.

Lastly, My purse always has at least one pen, cough drops, a candy cane, business cards, and my keys. 


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