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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Blogmas Day 8: My Top 6 Burgundy Accessories

In the month of December, I basically almost always wear either red or burgundy. I am not quite sure why I love burgundy as much as I do, but it is my comfort color during the holidays. 
I am constantly searching for accessories or shoes in this color, but surprisingly, it is rare for me to find anything that excites me. However, I have featured below my top 6 favorite burgundy pieces. 

Noa Noa, knit trio, accessory. Noa Noa is a brand from Denmark, and one of my favorite stores in Europe. I discovered them while living in Belgium, and they always had pieces that were quite special.

Valentino purse with handmade, velvet red scarf by Maya Horikawa Designs ( Aka Me)

These amazing flats were purchased in NYC many many years ago, but still remain a favorite. The ruby cross charms, are fun and whimsical. 

These shoes are by Miu Miu and my favorite shoe. I love the color variations, and contrasting spots of light and dark.

The bow belt is from Accessorize, London, and very affordable.

The hair clip is made of crystal, and bought from a specialty shop in Europe.



  1. ohh I love this color! I saw a beanie and scar this color and loved it!