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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Fashion Challenge Day 1: My "Press Event" OOTD

Today's outfit is completely styled around the most amazing leather jacket by Rebecca Minkoff. It was a gift to me for the Holidays and it is embellished with a million pearls. If you have read my, "2015 Resolutions", it is one of my goals for this year to add a bit more edge into my style, and wearing a black, motorcycle jacket is very outside the box for me. 
The entire look is a bit, Marie Antoinette, a pinch Chanel, and a dash of My Fair Lady. It is uniquely my own style, and photo ready for today's press event! (Fashion Tip 101: When in doubt always take a picture of your outfit before a press event. Sometimes unsuspecting fabrics become transparent with powerful camera flash.) 

I hope you join me on this challenge and hashtag your looks with #2015fashionchallenge !
Don't forget to push yourself to try new things!



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