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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Fashion Challenge Day 11: OOTD "My Parisian Style"

Today's look is influenced by Parisian style. Paris is undeniably the capitol of romance and fashion, and the style is soft, whimsical, and elegant. Often mixing lace, embellishments, silk ribbons, and furs, Parisian fashion is always natural and spoken in the  language of love. 

My dress and fuzzy fur accessory is from France, and my lace (black and pink) hair accessory is my own creation. (headband to be featured shortly)
This look shows my softer side, while still staying true to my artistic preferances. My style enjoys mixing different inspirations, textures, and fabrics. 
What I consider beautiful, may not speak true to the patterns of trends, but more importantly it beats to the pace of my heart.


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