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Monday, January 19, 2015

Fashion Challenge Day 13: OOTD "Ugly Duckling"

Today's look is inspired by one of my favorite children's book, "The Ugly Duckling". The "duckling" which is a baby swan, is made fun of by other barn animals, and labeled as ugly. Growing up he is frustrated with the label of "ugly" and yearns for the day to become "beautiful". In the end, the duckling grows into a beautiful swan and all pain is forgotten and happily ever after is achieved.

However, I find the moral of the story a bit twisted, and I am here today to question the term ugly and beauty as interchangeable. After all, everything is subjective to preference, and sometimes what you perceive as ugly is simply your own inability to find the beauty that lies hidden.  Beauty can always be found within ugly and waiting for transformation, handicaps one to find those unexpected discoveries. A baby swan may not be as majestic and regal as a full grown swan but there is beauty in its own unexpected way. 

My look celebrates the signature grey tones found in a baby swan, mixed with various textures of lace, knits, and fur to get an effect of a cocoon type layering.