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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Fashion Challenge Day 15: OOTD "Shall We Dance?"

Today is the final day of my 15 day, "Fashion Challenge 2015". I decided to end the challenge with a bang and created a look that is fun, sassy, and colorful. It is perfect for going out and dancing a sexy tango or upbeat salsa.

The spanish influences in my style today, can be found in the silhouette of the the skirt which is high waisted, form fitting, and flared at the end. The high waist creates the visual effect of a smaller waist, longer legs and overall curvier figure eight. The top is one of my favorite blouses from Carling and it was accessorized with a hot pink silk flower. This was a milder interpretation of the sexy tango dancers and their signature red rose. To keep warm, I pulled out my favorite hot pink cashmere pashmina and voila! 
Shall we dance?



  1. I love the look, you have your own style. Thank you for following me in bloglovin. I follow you as well. xoxo