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Monday, January 26, 2015


The French fashion house of Chanel is famously known for revolutionizing the art of haute couture and everyday fashion "prêt-à-porter". The fashion house disregarded structured-silhouettes, corsets and bodices, and replaced them with garments that were functional and flattering to the curves of a woman’s silhouette. Iconically known for their tweed jackets, little black dress, and masterful use of the classic black and white, Chanel is the maestro of balancing the classics while maintaining the forward thinking of the modern woman.

My personal love for Chanel is found in their classic black and white elements, mixed with pearl embellishments. I was recently invited to try a collection of Chanel pieces, and my favorites land me always with the the classic black and white style. Chanel couture always has a level of elegance, sophistication, and power. Coco Chanel herself, was a powerful, independent, business woman, revolutionizing the male dominated fashion world in her iconic, "tweed jacket".
 There is something about Chanel style,  that allows you to remain feminine, while embracing the power within every woman. 


  1. nice pictures :)
    got to love Chanel xx