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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Fashion Challenge Day 5: OOTD "Rainy Sunday"

Happy Sunday! Today's OOTD is my ultra relaxed style. The color palette is grey and black, but I used various textures of grey to spice up a rather simple look. The blouse is vintage, and sparkles a crystal like grey. The sweater is cashmere, and off sets the sparkle nicely. The scarf is an infinity style, with reversible black and silver stars. The boots are a mixture of canvas grey and leather. 

The entire outfit was inspired by the weather today.  It has been raining softly all day, creating a rather mysterious kind of atmosphere. The clouds are a heavy grey and there was a thick layer of mist, much depicted in the poem's of Edgar Allan Poe. 
There is something great about these types of rainy days. I enjoyed a nice walk through the park and took time to hear the birds, the trees, and my thoughts.
I hope all of you had a relaxing Sunday!


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