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Friday, February 13, 2015

3 V-Day Outfits: Which Girl Type Are You?

Lets take a new approach to Valentine's Day Style, and rethink the meaning of this very selective day. Valentine's day is a day of love and therefore, interpreted as a day only for those with a "lover". Yes, some people celebrate amongst "loved ones", such as family or friends; however, what about loving you? Let this be not another day where you dress to impress someone else, but a day to discover yourself. 
Try loving yourself for a day?

The Relaxed Thinker, is a girl who is low maintenance, earthy, and loves to read. She cares about others, and holds empathy for the world, and the future. She may not be the girl everyone notices, but she is definitely quietly loved and appreciated by others. 
Complimenting her character, this type of girl is suited wearing loose flowing blouses, simple stretch jeggings, and a no fuss shoe. Make up is natural, hair is loose and flowing. Everything anout this girl is natural, fresh, and simple.

The Independent girl is a modernist, and a 'go getter'. Very much a realist, she is not the type to wait around for a prince on a white horse. She sets a goal and goes for it. Usually the type to be noticed and chosen as a leader, she is fearless. 
Living in the now, she is fashion forward, and bold. Suited to business, she looks amazing in pencil skirts, leather attire, power suits, high boots/heels and contemporary style. She is confident, and her hair is pulled back or worn in a way that never covers or hides any part of her face. 

The Romantic, is a girl who loves poetry, history, art, music, and love. She is an idealist, and believes in the impossible. Often times, accused of having her head in the clouds, she is a dreamer. She loves, "love" and holds it to the highest esteem. 
With romance on her mind, her style is soft, feminine, and ethereal. She gravitates to whimsical style, and is suited to ombré textiles, chiffon dresses, and flower crowns. As a creative soul, her style is unique, vintage, and artsy. 

Which girl are you?
To be honest, this is not enough "types" to cover all of you, and most of you are probably mixtures of many. However, the point is to think about how your "character" should influence your style. When your inner being and outer style synch up, then you have personal harmony. You look, feel, and will be treated as you naturally are. You can be many "types" of girls, but the important thing is figuring out all levels to your preferences and what you desire from a deeper level.

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day!



  1. Replies
    1. Hi Franziska,

      The Independent Girl is definitely very cool. ;)


  2. I'm probably a bit of all of them! Is there a separate chameleon category? ;)


    1. hi glamcurl!

      me too! I like to be all of them, but I am most often a 'Romantic'.


  3. I'm definitely and independent thinker! Love the outfit!