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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Top 5 Tips on Collaborating with Brands!

One of the many perks about have a fashion blog, is the opportunities to collaborate with fashion brands. You can either seek brands yourself, or the more common choice, simply wait for them to find you. Either way, sooner or later you will be approached and it is essential to be prepared when it does. 

Here are my Top 5 Tips on What to Do When Approached by a Brand

Tip 1: Be Professional, and expect Professionalism back.
Make it a high priority to use correct grammar, spelling, etc. Respond to inquiries as quick as possible, and always do as you promise. On the flip side, you should also expect the fashion brands to approach you with a high level of professionalism back. Several times I have been sent emails, with sloppy grammar, and informal chatter, and it has almost always been followed up with a lot of wasted time. Collaborations are partnerships, and therefore they need the respect from both parties. 

Tip 2: Make Sure You Are Compatible?
One of the first things I do whenever I am approached by a brand is to check out their website. Even before you reply back look through their site, and get a feel of their taste, and aesthetic. Is it somewhere you would shop? Does it interest you? I know it is always tempting to say yes to anything FREE, but I promise you, things you don't like, you don't need. 

Tip 3: Do your Research.
The second thing I do after I have checked out their site, is to do a little research. By this, I mean a simple google check, and focusing on customer reviews. The more you know about the brand the better. If the company has a high level of complaints and is being called a scam, you should know about it. Recently, something very similar happened to me, and I chose not to represent a company with such a high level of dissatisfied customers. 

Tip 4: Writing back.
If you have decided the brand is compatible with you, it is time to write back. From here, you should not be shy to discuss what your ideas for the collaboration will be. Some companies, can be quite pushy, and even ask you to "hide" the partnership in an "organic" post. These types of requests are not acceptable and should not be allowed. Here on TALK FASHION, all partnerships are clearly stated, and represented with full honesty. Not to mention posts with sponsorships are required by law to be openly shared with the viewers. You owe it to your readers to be honest. Never support a product simply because it is free, or you will be paid.

Tip 5: How to Receive the Product and Creating Content for your Blog.
As soon as you receive the product make sure the quality is up to your level. Is it made well? Is it made of high quality material and is it a good deal for the price? Also, observe the time it took to receive the product. Was it quick and easy, or a pain in the..?
Once quality check is completed, it is time to create your content. 
 I only choose brands or products that excite me, and therefore, fill my head with creative ideas. The typical outfit of the day, or brand facts, is over done, and quite frankly, boring. Take a product you love and run with it. Show how you make the product unique, and why you truly love it!