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Saturday, February 7, 2015

5 Tips on Dressing Fashionable with a Limited Budget

It is easy to look good if you have a lot of money. You can literally buy your "fashion image" and appear to be quite the little fashion genius. Professionals scramble around, dressing, primping and preparing you, and all you have to do is hand them your shiny plastic card. Everyone admires you and praises the image that you paid for, but is this image even real?

Meanwhile, the majority of fashion lovers live their lives feeling helpless and forever unable to reach the perfection of these girls with unlimited credit cards. How can an average girl, with very little to spend, be fashionable?

Here are my top 5 tips on Being Fashionable with a Very Limited Budget:

1) Change Your Attitude: 
The most important step is to change the mindset that fashion and money are interchangeable. Fashion's golden partner is measured by the creativity it draws out of you, and therefore, how much money you have really does not matter. Get crafty, re-use old items in new ways, and never be afraid to try new ideas.

2) Couture-Inspiration:
Fashion like any subject matter can be studied and improved. Studying the runway collections of famous designers is an easy way to increase the level of your fashion and style aesthetics. Pick a look you adore, print it out, and go on a mission to recreate the look on your budget. You will be surprised how many style techniques you can learn by doing this very affordable task!

3) Accessories!:
The secret of fashion style lies in the accessories. Lucky for our budget, accessories can be found extremely affordable and can be mixed and matched throughout your entire wardrobe. Finding the perfect accessory should be like a treasure hunt. Look for unique pieces that create a conversation topic, or enhance a look in a unusual way. Little touches like these, easily add a boost to a rther ordinary style.

4) Less is More:
Most people believe the more you have the more stylish you are. Unfortunately, this method of buying without a plan, often leaves you with a bunch of gorgeous pieces that can't be matched with anything. You are basically left with a wardrobe full of things you love, and never wear. This equals, waste of money. Be smart, and buy pieces that can be matched up with several pieces in your current wardrobe and create a cohesive look. Believe it or not, style is also a simple game of mathematics. The more items that can be paired with your other items, the higher outcome of different complete looks. 

5) Sales!
Be a smart shopper and honor the sales. The secret about having less in life, is the skills you obtain by the challenges they bring. Don't look at them as obstacles but gifts. It is incredibly easy to go into Escada and buy a head to toe gorgeous look. Is it beautiful? Of course. Do you learn any skills? Not really. Creativity is pretty much on a all time low simply because the look is already complete by "fashion professionals", and the whole experience is rather predictable and effortless. Now flash back into my yearly sale trips, and rummaging through piles of amazing fashion pieces. So much creativity buzzes through my head, as I analyze the possibilities of how I can cut the dress in half, or chop off a sleeve. Not to mention the serious high of prices slashed to nothingness. electric. 



  1. Great article. I only buy high-end boutique fashion...but I buy it at the thrift store!

    1. Hi Darlene!

      Omg yes! Is it not the best feeling to find treasures in thrift stores?


  2. Great tips! And I'm definitely with you on point 5.. I live for the sales! :)

    And I probably should do more with accessories. I have very few things in that regards.

    Geekette in High Heels

    1. Hi Natassia!

      Yes! Definitely look for accessories, they will revamp any wardrobe.