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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Would You Sell Your Soul for Fashion?

If the Devil wears Prada, and women worldwide are losing their minds over shoes, bags, dresses, etc., who's to say how far one is willing to go for fashion? 

Is it possible one would sell their soul for a pair of Louboutins?

Sadly, this fact is true for many, and the epidemic is growing. With the recent rise of "sugarbabies", it is undeniable how far women are willing to go in order to have a certain bag or a collection of luxury shoes. Is this what fashion is all about? Sell your self, to buy pretty things? 

I think not. Fashion you obtain by selling yourself is not fashion at all. Why? Fashion is the pursuit of self discovery through the decisions you make in dressing yourself. It should promote the existence of one's soul rather than the deterioration of it. It is in every way, an art form, and therefore, an EQUAL opportunity for everyone to obtain. Even, a penniless homeless person can be fashion. Countless, runways have been inspired by the hobo look, including Gaultier's collection in '94. Avante garde designers constantly create couture piece from pop cans, garbage bags and newspaper, proving fashion has no price. 

Selling yourself to obtain fashion, is a myth created by the billion dollar fashion industry. They want you to mindlessly buy. They want you to believe, fashion is all about what you wear and how much you pay for it. They want this,  because they need your money. 
The truth is, fashion is NOT based on how much you spend, but how much creativity it pulls out of you. 
Some of my favorite pieces in my closet are worth no more than $5. True treasure pieces, found in Vintage shops, and 2nd hand stores, costing nearly nothing, but representing everything about me. My    "it" moment is when I find a piece and I can say, "If I were a fashion item this is what I'd be" .

Our society, of living to buy, and buying to live, needs to change. There is a core misunderstanding of the purpose of things, and how and why you obtain them. I am not saying Haute Couture, is not a magnificent work of art. I am simply reminding you, that there is no art quite as beneficial to oneself, as the one you create for yourself. 

If you can't afford Chanel, let it INSPIRE you, not DESTROY you.



  1. Great post! I love the message, though I'm also in love with those shoes lol

  2. Love this post, everything is so so true!!