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Friday, February 20, 2015

Daniel Wellington Photo Shoot: Sexy vs. Sweet? (Part 2)

Often times women are categorized into types by how they are dressed. Are you the "sweet" girl, or the "sexy" girl? From there, society labels these "sweet" girls as trustable, kind, naive, or loving, verses the "sexy" girl, who is viewed as rebellious, loose and of low morality.

Stigmas such as these, limit women from embracing their vast array of personalities, and seeing themselves beyond one set category. The truth is, women have the ability to be a mixture of many "types" and the key to looking good lies in finding the right balance.

My sexy style is all about, sleek lines, simplicity, confidence, and feeling free. Sexy, is not something I ever thought I could be, but over time I realized every woman can. The difficulty is simply finding the right type of "sexiness"  for you. Personally, I would never feel comfortable in a tight mini dress, but I can attempt "sexy" in my own way.

My sweet style is a category I have dressed in all my life. Currently it has evolved to a mature interpretation of my girly style.  I mix and match many textures, and play with shape and volume, but the look is always soft and elegant. Sweet style celebrates a remembrance of my past and the girl I really am. Enjoy!


                                     My SEXY STYLE 

                                        My SWEET STYLE

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  1. I love these photos, you look amazing in those outfits! xx

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Klei Klis,
      I like your style too!