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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Daniel Wellington Photo Shoot: Part 1 of 2

Now a days, time is a suffocating matter. With every tick of the clock, it is one second less to the obligations, deadlines, and responsibilities we hold in this world. Seconds are all perfectly in sync with all our electronic devices, and no moment  seems to be our own.

 This is why I particularly love my Daniel Wellington watch, 'Classy Sheffield' . I know it is ironic to show love for a watch when I detest the monotony of time itself. However, this watch is unique in the sense that there are no numbers and in replacement, are the most beautiful, glistening, Swarovski crystals. Every time I check the hour, my eyes are rewarded with a soft sparkle of optimism, and a cheerful fleck of light. Time is no longer dissected into seconds, but an estimation within each 5 minute mark. Flexibility is now existent in our life and time management contains freedom.
 Not knowing the exact minute and second of the day allows me a breather from the natural push of our competitive world, and a break from the control it holds.

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Like a chameleon, the watch blends, and compliments all my various characters, and styles. In this 2 part photo shoot, I will display how it seamlessly adds a touch of splendor to almost any look, from edgy, casual, to glamorous.

                               Girl at FASHION WEEK

This look is perfect for Fashion week. It is a perfect accessory to jump from show to show, and it adds a bit of masculinity that compliments a timeless biker jacket. Currently, I am loving the mixing of harsh and soft textures, and have chosen to wear a ivory chiffon blouse that ties in a rather sweet bow. 

                                     CASUAL SUNDAY

Cashmere, cashmere, and cashmere! Relaxing weekends do not have to be a mixture of jersey and baggy T-shirts. The true luxuries of life are found  in cashmere. With that said, you will often find me on the weekends in a simple cashmere sweater, white jeggings, and ballerina flats. Accessories are minimal and easy. The watch blends effortless, while adding just the right touch of sophistication. A look that appears far more impressive than it really is. 

                                    ARTSY GLAMOUR

A look  that is channeling a crumble of "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and a pinch of Karl Lagerfeld, this is a fun, artsy way, to accessorize with a watch in a glamorous way. It is elegant, unusual, and interesting for the eye to spot a circular shape on the wrist. 

Stay tuned for Part 2 of DW photo shoot featured tomorrow on Talk Fashion. 
To read about behind the scene prep work on this photo shoot click: Behind the Scenes : Wellington



  1. I love all of them, especially that biker jacket.