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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Review: My 2015 Winter Style

This Winter I challenged myself by documenting 15 days of  what I wore. The purpose of the challenge was to approach 2015 with a new attitude and to push my limits of creativity.
Today, I have decided to review this Fashion Challenge and share with you what I learned and currently love from my Winter style. 

Currently Loving:
My Wintery color palette finds me loving black, white and grey. I enjoyed the textured patterns of knit fabrics, stripes, embroidery, and pops of color. I normally, am never known to wear black, but this year it seemed to be appropriate to my current mood. Nearly 90% of my Winter style contained partial black elements. During darker days, I found myself craving bursts of color.  Pops of electric blue, turquoise, magenta, and golden oranges can be found in my style. 

What I Learned: 
How you stand or pose for a picture, greatly effects the proportions of the body. It was a huge wake up call to see how angles can lengthen you or chop you in half.  Knowing where the camera is and how to take a good shot is truly a learning experience. 

Currently, what are you guys loving this Winter? 

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