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Friday, March 6, 2015

Unisex is the Future of Fashion

Unisex or no gender is the direction of Fashion, and it is about time.
As children we are brainwashed to believe a girl dresses one way and a boy another. Two completely separate teams, there is no denying we label gender based upon what we wear. Just take the universal bathroom sign of a woman in a dress verses men in pants. The idea is so deeply embedded in our psyche we forget to realize what we wear does not determine our gender. After all a girl who wears pants is still a girl, just as a boy who wears a skirt is still a boy.

Fashion is fashion, and should not hold restrictions created by "social" standards. Placing gender restrictions on fashion is sexist. The movement into "unisex" will allow people to think, and wear what they desire, and release the stigma attached to "clothes making the person". Clothes are made to represent the person you are, and has no real power to change your gender nor the person inside.

People are starting to realize these flaws, and currently several designers, and brands are now popping up with unisex capsule collections. As much as it excites me, most of it disappoints me. Currently, the whole of idea of "unisex" is limited to existing within the previous stereotypes of the ultra feminine verses the ultra masculine. This leads to a style completely genderless, with a monochromatic color palette, tight fitted straight lines, and geometric lines. 

The point of unisex should not be to kill gender, but to have the freedom to choose the degree of masculinity or femininity any gender may choose to be. For example, men's shirts created in soft pastel colors, and neckties adorning florals, and blush pinks allow the option for a mixture of the ultra masculine and the ultra feminine. Similarly for women, YSL and Chanel collections have both celebrated the swapping of genders, with such silhouettes as the man's tuxedo. Clothes have a distinct level of "power" and "softness" and everyone should feel free to chose from whichever.

Unbar useless stigmas created by society, and start dressing in what your heart desires. 


  1. Such a great point, so much social inequality about fashion. I think people to wear what they are comfortable with & what feels right to them. Social stigma can be such a horrible byproduct of just being yourself, but sometimes we just have to be brave & ignore the trolls.

    1. hi corin,
      thanks for your wonderful comment! couldn't agree with you more.