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Monday, August 17, 2015

FWI: 6 Innovative Skirt Styling Tips

Fashion Week of Innovation:

The key to an innovative styling mind is to look at your clothes as puzzle pieces. Pay attention to the textures, shape, and lengths of your skirts, and free your mental stigmas of a skirt being worn in only one way. They are pieces of fabric with as much personality as you give it.

Tip 1: Styling the Sexy Mini Skirt

We all have that sexy mini skirt, that is questionably short, and scandalously sexy. There are very few "appropriate" places such a skirt can be worn, or can it?
When you break it down, the problem with the skirt on a practical level is the length. Why not add length with a longer skirt? 
If you add a simple, thin, A-line skirt under the mini skirt, you can achieve a sexy effect, similar to a mermaid cut. Play with colors, and textile to achieve an entirely new look.

Tip 2: Slice is Open

The simple skirt with a zipper or button down, is studious and professional. Try adding a flirty element by unzipping or unbuttoning the skirt till the waist, and adding another skirt underneath. 
A lace skirt under a open zipped leather skirt, is a surprising feminine touch. Fringe under a conservative wool button down skirt is fashionably unexpected.
Don't be afraid to also play with length. It is a fun way to wear a mini skirt under a longer skirt providing confronting coverage in the back. 

Tip 3: Dressing up the Pencil Skirt

The simple pencil skirt is great for the office, and contains a slight tone of sexy within conservative. However, wouldn't it be great to take that skirt out for a fun night for once? 

By nature, the pencil skirt is a great silhouette and flatters all body types, therefore, working with it, guarantees success. Try taking your pencil skirt and adding a flirty pouf skirt over it. Maybe try a skirt with a pop of color or an interesting design for added fun. 
You can also bring it into evening chic, by wearing a longer chiffon, high low skirt over it. (Tip: If your high low dress has a slip under it, tuck it under your pencil skirt and let the transparent part drape over it,)

Tip 4: Layering up the Chiffon High Low

Chiffon High Low Skirts are feminine, sweet, and light. They are also a fun way to layer up different high low skirts providing a pop of color or a fresh new texture. Because of the lightness, you can even layer up several skirts, providing a slight "ruffling" effect. If color variety is not your cup of tea, the layer effect is also impressive completely monochromatic. 

Tip 5: Peek-a-boo A-line Effect

A line skirts are fun and flirty. A fun way to change it up is to add another A-line skirt under it. Not only is it an added pop of color, but the slight peek-a-Boo effect can also add a bit of volume. 
Whether it be a ballerina pouf skirt, a lace hem, or an unexpected pop of color, doubling up on the A-line skirt will add drama to a rather ordinary skirt. 

Tip 6: Skirt or Poncho?

It is important to note, not all skirts work as a poncho. It really depends on the cut, but on some skirts,it really does work. There are several skirts I own, where I double them up as a poncho, and no one would ever know.

Good Luck!



  1. I feel such a n00b!! I've worn long sleeve tops on top of dresses when I was in skirt mood, but wearing two skirts never even crossed my mind!!
    you gave me a reason to buy a pencil skirt! thank you!


    1. Hi Barbs!

      Im so glad you liked todays post. :D I hope you enjoy layering up on skirts. It is especially nice during the colder months, because it does give some added warmth.