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Monday, August 17, 2015

2015 Fashion Week of Innovation

2015 Fashion Week of Innovation, will be featured on Talk Fashion for one week starting tomorrow. It is a campaign I have created to celebrate all things innovative in fashion.
It is my goal through this campaign to open the eyes of my readers, and start a new wave of innovative thinking regarding fashion style. What you see and what you know, is not simply the only possibility. 

The truth is, now a days you can find pretty much any type of fashion item you could wish for. A mass production of every color dress, skirt, pant, pantsuit, and whatever else you can imagine exists. Unfortunately, with so much innovation found in products, innovation created in the head and heart is left undeveloped. 

In fact, how we view fashion in general is still rather primitive. For example, when we deal with food, we are highly innovative. 

Take an apple for example, we see endless possibilities. You can transform it into apple butter, apple pie, dried apples, apple chips, apple soap, and the  list goes on. 

Now think of a fashion item in your closet. 
A shirt is meant only to be a shirt, as a skirt is meant only as a a skirt. A dress is worn once and then left hanging as you are left uninspired in wearing it again.  However, the possibilities of new outfits, does not exist in how much you buy but in the abilities of your own  innovation. 

Stay tuned all week as I blow your mind on a whole new way to look at your wardrobe and breathe life into fashion with unlimited possibilities. 



  1. Please tell me your mindblowing post will be about styling the same item in many different ways. Because God knows how many times I bought something saying "it's such a statement piece/it's so versatile I'll wear it in so many occasions" and I never ever EVER do that.
    Am I the only one? No, right?


  2. hi Barbs!

    Todays skirt styling tips are up.This week its all about finding cool new ways to play around with your existing wardrobe. If you have any style requests on a specific piece I would be happy to give it a try.