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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Secrets to Cara Delevingne's Eyebrows?

Undeniably, Cara Delevingne, is beautiful. Iconic in every way. Everything about her seems to cause a buzz and start a trend, but why? Beautiful models exist by the dozen, but few make a lasting impression and gain the title of an Artist's muse. 

Why Cara? Her eyebrows trademarked as her beauty mark, have influenced millions of girls to grow out their brows and pencil them in. Fuller is now better, and millions crave the beauty she eminates. 
However, is it really her brows that we are drawn to?

My theory is this, perhaps it is not her brows that we love, but her eyes. While browsing through some magazines I noticed adds with Cara would draw me in. Like a cat, her eyes lock to my eyes, and the power is undeniable. Other models are equally beautiful but they lack the magnetism and spark that Cara's eyes have. 
It has long been said that the eyes are the window to your soul. If such is true, the eyebrows are simply the  curtain or valance to that window. Therefore, it is not her brows we love, but her eyes.

Millions of people who mimic her brow shape hoping for the same effect, are often left achieving nothing but a strong brow that feels somehow out of place. Focusing simply on the surface, will leave you falling short every time.

There is depth, intelligence, and beauty within her, and this is what we are attracted to and what sets her apart from any other model. Yes, she has amazing bone structure, a pretty face, and a nice figure but listen to what she says. She is not the crazy, ditzy girl that one may assume she is. She cares about the world, and is humble within her existence. Vanity does not consume her, and that is the kind of beauty we never seem to notice.

Beauty is not all about the brows, but what lurks in our heads and hearts. To achieve this "magnetism" or "spark" focus on your heart, and how you live your life. 


Ps: Happy 23rd Birthday Cara!


  1. wise words, as usual!
    also I'd like to add that fuller brows tend to look better on most faces, compared to the '90s thin eyebrows. Unless, of course, you are going around with overly harsh and dark caterpillar eyebrows.


    1. Hi Barbs!
      It is always great to hear from you. I couldn't agree with you more, fuller brows tend to compliment the face more than unnaturally thin ones. I think its true because fuller ones means you pluck less, creating a more natural look. However, just the same overally penciled in brows are just as weird as pencil thin ones. Personally, I love Cara's brows but i know it would look ridiculous on my face.