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Monday, August 31, 2015

VMA 2015: Pop Culture, Social Media and Fashion

The VMA's are held every year on MTV, and it is an award show celebrating music, fashion and everything "pop culture". Unlike most award shows, VMA's are interesting in spotting the current trends of our society. Whether it be vulgar displays of clothing, excessive use of bad language, sexual innuendos or excessive nudity, it is alarming to think that "this" is our  society, as of right now.  

1) Bad language

The use of profanity has some how become a trend. Fashion brands have celebrated such words as the F - word on cute peter pan colors, jewelry, and T-shirts. Celebrities openly shout profanity whenever they feel like, and the days of proper speech seem to have been left in the dust with our ancestors.

2.) Selfie
Nothing promotes yourself quite like a good selfie. Once were the days, when narcissism, and self obsession were a negative, shameful quality, but jump  to 2015 and its all about the ego. Whether it be Instagram, twitter, or facebook, its all about making your life seem better than it really is. 

3.)  Privacy and Fashion Nudity?

Whether it be social media, or reality tv, "privacy" seems to be a thing of the past. With so little respect for keeping anything private these days, it is no surprise, fashion is in correspondence with this very attitude. 
Nudity, has always been a subject of curiosity, but curiosity only exists with a bit of mystery. With so much exposed in life/body, the shock factor is "wearing" thin. Soon everything will come full circle, and celebrities will just show up naked, just as our ancestors once did. 

Press and Vulgarity 

The interesting thing about vulgarity is that people love it. Perhaps, we have saturated our past with so much beauty that "vulgarity" has now become a thing. Or perhaps, we have become so immune to feeling anything that we constantly desire to be shocked. Either way, shockingly gaudy, vulgar fashion is currently a "thing". 



  1. I believe vulgarity makes us feel better about ourselves. Seeing the outfit that Miley wore it's easy to think "WHAT! who in a sane state of mind would even think of wearing that! I sure would not, because I'm a posh educate and decent girl."
    Judging, comparing and criticising is easy, appreciating takes more courage and knowledge.

  2. Hi Barbs,
    I will have to respectively disagree. I do not believe vulgarity is popular because people like to feel better about themselves. Vulgarity is always used to get attention and to get people talking. It is the cheapest form of publicity.
    I also believe judging or criticizing something that is popular is far more difficult than following the masses and "appreciating vulgarity"