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Monday, August 31, 2015

Style Tip: How to Style Textures and Patterns!

Style Tip of the Day!

Mixing and matching textures and patterns is a style technique any fashion lover should know. It is a quirky fun way, to style your outfits in a fresh new way. Mix polka dots, with stripes, floral with checkers, it's all possible now, but just wait, there is one simple rule.

Fashion Vision?

The one rule you need to know is all about colors. For example, take one textured garment, and style around it. What colors do you see? In the above checkered skirt, the featured colors are yellow and black. Stick to that color palette when mixing other pieces. 
This does not mean you cannot wear garments with any colors other than black and yellow, but that each garment should mainly feature those two colors. Why?
The pop of those two colors, reinforced in other textures, and patterns, creates uniformity in your overall style! 

An example of Alice + Olivia Style, using this very technique. Notice the colors of the jacket can be spotted throughout the skirt, sweater, and bag. 

Good Luck.


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